About Us

We are a group of ‘Techno Savvy’ individuals who aim to simplify your work. We are not an organization, but intend to make people’s lives better.

Trusted Professionals

We believe in the concept of Delivery on time and working in a systematic manner Our experience shall tell you the rest.

Quality Assurance

We believe in quality and that's what we intend to give our clients, the best in class service and products.

Solutions to your problems

We love to solve problems and bring out the best possible solutions. You just have to relax and leave the rest to us.

Services We Offer

Take a look at the services we provide. While we take care of these things, you sit back and watch things happen magically.


Designs for various kinds of Websites according the requirements and Corporate Designs.

Web Development

Engineering of a fully functional application having user defined logic based on requirements.


Maintaining and adding new features to a pre-designed and developed website/application.

Digitial Marketing

SEO, Marketing and Advertisement, Email Marketing, Google Adwards

Hosting Services

We have our own servers to host your websites independent of the platform at a great price.

Content Writing

Professional Content for portfolios, various kinds of blogs, articles and magazine write-ups.

Our Work

The ultimate motto of YoTech is to execute ideologies in a manner to reach out to people’s help.

We create awesome work

There is this well known saying to experience before you trust. Similarly, we insist you to come across our awesome work and then believe!

Our Skills

We are a team with a approach of learning new things and accept new challenges. We are good at that.

  • Designing 85%

    85% Complete
  • Development 90%

    90% Complete
  • Marketing 80%

    80% Complete
  • Hosting Services 95%

    95% Complete

Who We Are

We are a group of enthusiasts that are willing to help people solve their problems and let them achieve their targets.

Customer Satisfaction

YoTech story has always been about innovation creativity and dedication towards the technological world. Our mission revolves around to exceed with our services for their needs 24/7. We aim to grow sustainably together in a manner to be better than yesterday irrespective of our pace.

  • To unlock youth power
  • To amplify man power
  • To connect minds intellectually
  • To build a company of things that matters to you

Creative Leads

Our style of working revolves around insights, with strategic analysis and thoughtful perspective to the talks assigned to us. Our solutions are derived after divergent thinking. Join us to see us as launch pads for your future endeavours.

  • We strive to provide top-notch customer services every day.
  • Youth oriented goals to solve issues-creative mindsets.

Best in Class Service

Hey! Have we got your attention? We welcome the opportunity to help you achieve your digital, creative and event goals, just at a click.

  • We value diversity in genres of our services.
  • We have value instincts to work with precision, pace and passion.
  • We are a coordinated group and appreciate winning together.
  • We own and shape our future.
  • Substantial development is our focus.

Our Team

A group of people ready to serve 24x7.

Gurshobit Brar

Designer and Developer

Gurshobit Brar

Designer and Developer

A Technology Enthusiast, Experienced Developer and Newbie Gamer. Loves to Code and Design Websites.He also listens Music and read Tech Magazines.

Apurva Thakker


Apurva Thakker


A tech-savvy, coder and developer who believes living each moment to the fullest. He is a music lover, and does concerts as a singer and guitar player.

Abhipsa Panda

Content Writer

Abhipsa Panda

Content Writer

The very hardworking, multitasking and one with deep thoughts. Knows play of words, is a blogger and also knows marketing. Her hobbies include singing and writing poems.